bub app

Bub app to lend and borrow travel gear

There is a new app in town. Bub is a local marketplace app that is just up and running in the Chicago area. Bub allows you to lend out personal items and make money off of them while still holding on to them for future personal use.  The bub app also allows borrowers the opportunity […]

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Toronto skyline

My three favorite Canadian cities

The majority of my time in Canada has been spent in the wilderness of Quetico Provincial Park. In fact, I visited this beautiful pristine wilderness more than five times before I ever visited a Canadian city. For me cities are more of a jumping off point for adventure than a destination in of itself. This […]

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Orvis Chicago Wingshooting School

Orvis Chicago Wingshooting School adventure

My favorite activities in the outdoors include hiking, canoeing, and cross-country skiing. Sometimes these activities are lumped together and referred to as silent sports. This does not mean I do not like the opposite  of silent sports. For instance, I have enjoyed snowmobiling and fishing from a bass boat in the past. Similarly, I had a […]

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Three Dune Challenge

Indiana Dunes State Park Three Dune Challenge

I have cross-country skied and hiked extensively in the Indiana Dunes State Park; however, I have never hiked the number eight trail.  I have always hiked along the beach and then cut back through the forest. I know I have hiked up the ridge before, but I have never done the eight trail, AKA the […]

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Copper Falls State Park fall color

Copper Falls State Park fall color photo essay

Each year I try and make one new Wisconsin River canoeing trip. Last year it was the Flambeau River in October. I timed it perfectly for fall color. After my trip was over, I was not ready to throw in the towel and head back to Chicago. It was too amazing up here. I extended […]

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National Trail Mix Day adventure in the Indiana Dunes

I must be nuts to celebrate National Trail Mix Day in the Indiana Dunes. The best place to travel to celebrate the day would be Bastogne, Belgium, but a trip overseas was not in the mix. Instead of going to the International Nuts capital of the world, I settled on a trip to the Indiana […]

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Three coffee fueled adventures

Three coffee fueled travel adventures

When I am traveling, you can divide the day into three eight hour periods. There is coffee time, beer time, and sleep. From the moment I wake up until my first beer, my hand is firmly clutched around a cup of coffee. I sometimes get a little sad after finishing my last sip knowing it […]

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Wisconsin River Outings

Another canoe camping trip with Wisconsin River Outings

For the last three summers, the August highlight for me has been a weekend camping and canoeing trip with Wisconsin River Outings on the Wisconsin River. We enjoyed another beautiful weekend on this awesome river last weekend. The trip began on Friday with the road trip up and then a night camping in the river […]

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Indiana Dunes

Indiana Dunes outdoor adventures

I first discovered the Indiana Dunes in winter cross-country skiing. The experience made me yearn for more, so I realized I needed to visit more often for more Indiana Dunes outdoor adventures. I have lived up to this desire, and I have visited the Indiana Dunes in summer several times since that first day. This Sunday will […]

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Pro Packing Cubes

Pro packing cubes are handy organizers

My suitcase of choice is a backpack; however, I often use a duffel bag on road trips or on some plane trips. I just throw my stuff in the bag. While this makes for easy packing, it can end up making the trip a little frustrating at times when trying to find that one shirt […]

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